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Best Folding Electric Wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs are the latest and improved form of wheelchair that has changed many lives. They have made them independent and mobile again as they don’t need another person to push them from behind. It is the latest innovation in the wheelchair market, due to which they cost a bit too much. There are hundreds of different folding electric wheelchairs, and it becomes tough to narrow down to that one perfect wheelchair. Still, in this article, we have penned the five best folding electric wheelchair after hand-picking them all one by one out of the dozen others. You can thoroughly go through our list and pick the one that best suits you but make sure to read the buying guide for a clear decision.

A lightweight and a folding electric chair can be a great option. It enhances your mobility and provide comfort and safety. Therefore, read the article to find the best folding electric wheelchair and the best lightweight electric wheelchair review.

The older versions of electric wheelchairs were heavy and difficult to move. Still, they have been replaced by lightweight and highly portable electric wheelchairs with enhanced battery life, range, and speed. All the things have significantly been removed, so investing in a folding electric wheelchair can be worth your money.
Now, let’s head to selections and discuss each of them.

5 Best Folding Electric Wheelchair


Sentire Deluxe Foldable Wheelchair

Best Folding Electric Wheelchair

Sentire Med Forza FCX Deluxe Fold Foldable Power Mobility Aid Wheelchair

Key Specifications:
● Two 250-Watt Motors
● Two 10Ah Li-ion Batteries
● Load-Capacity: 360 Pounds
● Range: 20 Miles


Anti-Tip Wheels

While we are in our electric wheelchair, there is a risk of tripping over if any obstacle hinders the way. To keep the user safe from such incidents, the company has installed anti-tip wheels that will not let the wheelchair fall off due to any obstacle.

Intelligent Electromagnetic Brakes

The intelligent electromagnetic braking system offers more protection than the standard brakes. It works faster than the hydraulic brakes and stops the wheelchair in the spot without destabilizing the whole wheelchair.

Made for Any Terrain

The tires and structure of the wheelchair are designed for any terrain, including sand, rugged roads, or anything else. This wheelchair can quickly move onto all these terrains without causing any disturbances or incidents.

9.8Expert Score
Critique Reviews

To keep the user safe from such incidents, the company has installed anti-tip wheels that will not let the wheelchair fall off due to any obstacle.

  • Comprises of smart, smooth suspension
  • Sturdy and reliable build quality
  • Built-in storage capacity
  • Is highly portable
  • A bit noise
  • Not much attractive

EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX10 – Personal Mobility Device

Key Specifications:
● Two 250-Watt Brushless Motors
● LiFePO4 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
● Load-Capacity: 305 Pounds
● Range: 10 Miles


Turning Radius

The turning radius determines how many small turns you can make. The turning radius of the EZ Lite Cruiser is as small as 33 inches which means that it can move through and turns inside narrow places.

Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

The EZ Lite Cruiser contains a powerful LiFePO4 battery that can be recharged fully within an hour and can then provide a mileage of 10 miles or above in a single charge. It can stock a large amount of charge for extra miles.

Recline Back Support

This electric chair has a recline back support that can be pushed back to up to 5 degrees. It gives you comfortable back support to decrease the chances of any back pain.

9.7Expert Score
Critique Reviews

The EZ Lite Cruiser contains a powerful LiFePO4 battery that can be recharged fully within an hour and can then provide a mileage of 10 miles or above in a single charge.

  • Long-Lasting battery life
  • Excellent brakes
  • Stylish, sturdy, and maneuver
  • Portable and Robust
  • A bit tricky to fold

Porto Mobility 2021 Ranger Weatherproof World's Lightest Foldable Electric Wheelchair

Key Specifications:
● Two 200-Watt Powerful Brushless Motors
● Two 6Ah Li-ion Batteries
● Load-Capacity: 265 Pounds
● Range: 20 Miles


Highly Compacts

The Porto Mobility Ranger is highly compact, and when it is folded, it becomes so small that you can fit it inside the car’s trunk. Its compactness makes it highly portable and easy to move around.

Powerful Batteries

The electric wheelchair we are reviewing has one of the most powerful batteries, with a 64Ah rating. These Li-ion batteries can store a large amount of charge that subsequently provides a mileage of more than 20 miles.

Freewheel Mode

The freewheel mode is added to the wheelchair if someday you don’t want to drive it yourself, so you can change the mode to freewheel and let your family member or friend relocate you.

9.6Expert Score
Critique Reviews

The electric wheelchair we are reviewing has one of the most powerful batteries, with a 64Ah rating.

  • It can be easily operated
  • It has a storage pouch
  • High-quality alloy frame
  • The seat and cushion can be detached
  • A bit more priced than other models
  • The footrest is not comfortable for some people

Forcemech Navigator XL – All Terrain Folding Electric Wheelchair

Key specifications:
● 250-Watt Motor
● Two 6.8Ah Li-ion Batteries
● Load-Capacity: 400 Pounds
● Range: 18 Miles


Height Adjustability

The Forcemech Navigator XL has a height adjustment system that allows you to change the height of the armrest and the footrest adequately according to your height. It makes it pretty comfortable to ride the wheelchair.

Shock Absorption System

The wheelchair has a shock absorption system on both the front and back wheels to absorb the impact and vibrations in a bumpy place so you can have a comfortable ride all the way.

Anti-Theft Electronic Lock

The wheelchair has an anti-theft lock that you can activate while your wheelchair sits someplace you can’t keep an eye on it. This alarm will surely alert you if someone tries to steal your precious electric wheelchair.

9.5Expert Score
Critique Reviews

The wheelchair has an anti-theft lock that you can activate while your wheelchair sits someplace you can’t keep an eye on it.

  • It has a detachable controller
  • The intended color shines in dark places
  • It has a headrest for extra comfort
  • Can go to even 25 miles in a single charge
  • No locking mechanism after folding
  • You cannot recline the seat
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Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Wheelchair

Best Folding Electric Wheelchair

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair with Footrest and Batteries

Key Specifications:
● Two 320-Watt Motors
● Two 36 Ah Li-ion Batteries
● Load-Capacity: 300 Pounds
● Range: 15 Miles


Versatile Controller

The controllers on the Drive Medical Cirrus Wheelchair are versatile. It can quickly be taken out of its place and controls many unique features of the wheelchair, such as the speed, inclination, freewheel mode, etc.

Turning Radius

The turning radius on this electric wheelchair is set to 32 inches, which means if there is a narrow road ahead, you can head into it, and if you don’t find anything, rotate your wheelchair and head back out of that narrow road.


The anti-trippers are usually added to the wheelchairs as a custom preference. Still, the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Electric Wheelchair already has the anti-trippers installed at the bottom of the wheelchair to save it from falling over. It is the only feature that makes it different from other electric wheelchairs on our list.

9.4Expert Score
Critique Reviews

It can quickly be taken out of its place and controls many unique features of the wheelchair, such as the speed, inclination, freewheel mode, etc.

  • Attractive design
  • Has flat-free tires with manual wheel locks
  • It has a padded back with a built-in seat-belt
  • Comprises an electromechanical braking system
  • Doesn’t have a charging cable to plug in the outlet
  • Heavier than other models
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Comparison Chart

Best Folding Electric Wheelchair
ProductsWeightWeight capacityRangeSpeed Break Type
Sentire Deluxe Foldable Wheelchair67 Pounds360 Pounds20 Miles5 mphElectromagnetic
EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Electric Wheelchair60 Pounds305 Pounds10 Miles5.5 mphElectromagnetic
Porto Mobility Ranger Foldable Electric Wheelchair46 Pounds265 Pounds20 Miles4.5 mphIntelligent Electromagnetic
Forcemech Navigator XL Electric Wheelchair60 Pounds400 Pounds18 Miles5 mphIntelligent Electromagnetic
Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Wheelchair146 Pounds300 Pounds15 Miles5.5 mphElectromechanical
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Buying Guide

Best Folding Electric Wheelchair

If you have already decided to buy a specific electric wheelchair, I would like to stop you right there. It is essential to know a few significant points that will help you make the best purchase. To know a few points that you need to know before buying the best folding electric wheelchair, keep reading.

Point to understand before selecting the Best Folding Electric Wheelchair

Size and Strength

The size and strength of the wheelchair is a significant factor in determining the best folding electric wheelchair. It would help if you considered your height, weight, strength, etc., to determine which wheelchair size would go best with your body type. You can also consult a therapist and ask him about which wheelchair would be best for you. We recommend a wheelchair of 16 to 20 inches as it is the average and ideal size for most people.

Battery Power

The battery power determines the range of your electric wheelchair. The minimum range you should go for is 10 miles because anything less than this will not be beneficial for you. Many wheelchairs comprise of two powerful batteries that can give you a range of up to 20 miles in a single charge.

Make sure that your wheelchair has a li-ion battery and has a range of over 10 miles. You can consider your usage, and if you want a higher mileage, you can attach an extra battery with your wheelchair to increase its miles per charge.

Braking System

The kid’s safety can never be compromised, due to which the skateboards have a unique braking system that stops the electric skateboard immediately and saves your kids from any potential damage. If you can find an electric skateboard with regenerative braking, I would surely recommend that you go for it.

Maximum range

The range of the best folding electric wheelchair highly depends on your usage. If you are going to use your wheelchair for traveling long distances, you need a wheelchair that will compete with the range. In this list, the wheelchairs have a 10 miles average range, and some also have a 20 miles range with two powerful batteries.


Safety always comes first because you are already injured, so it shouldn’t get worse. You should check if the wheelchair has a seat belt, foot and armrest, and many more. These safety measures are significant in keeping yourself safe from any harm. If you face any vision problems or any other dizziness issue, you should consider if it is safe for you to drive an electric wheelchair or not.

Height Adjustment

The height adjustment system can be an excellent advantage for you. If your best folding electric wheelchair has a height adjustment mechanism, it becomes easier for you to drive the electric wheelchair. It ensures that you can easily fit inside the wheelchair by adjusting the armrest and footrest. Ensure that your intended wheelchair has a height adjustment along with an option to recline backward.

Cushion Material

The cushion material ensures comfort. You will be sitting inside your wheelchair if you are on a long route, so the wheelchair must be comfortable for you, or else you will get annoyed and would never travel on it again. Check the back and bottom of the chair cushion are soft and flexible and will provide a comfortable seating experience.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of different wheelchairs relies on the materials used by the company. An average best folding electric wheelchair has a weight capacity of more than 200 pounds. You should measure your weight and then choose an electric wheelchair that can hold your weight while keeping the speed, range, and stability of the wheelchair.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Best Folding Electric Wheelchair

Q. Which size of electric chair should I go for?

A. The wheelchair size depends on the weight and height of the person going to ride it. But the average wheelchair size for most people is 16 to 20 inches..

Q. Why should I buy a foldable wheelchair?

A. A foldable wheelchair can surely enhance your mobility level. These wheelchairs are highly portable as you can take them on public transport, airplanes, and many other places. These will help you move around without the assistance of any other person, and you can be independent once again.

Q. How far can an electric wheelchair travel?

A. The old wheelchairs used to have a short and unreliable range, but with an increase in technology and understanding, the range of these wheelchairs has significantly increased. Now a standard electric wheelchair has a range of 15 miles on a single charge due to power and the latest li-ion batteries.

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Best Folding Electric Wheelchair

The electric wheelchair is an easy way to bring mobility into your life that you might have missed due to a disability or injury. As the technology has advanced, the mobility and range on these electric wheelchairs have significantly increased, which means you can travel long routes without the issues of being stranded alone as these have become highly reliable and durable.

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